Deuber Reinhold Bartmann Training 1305

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Deuber Reinhold Bartmann Training Model 1305 FQHB (03 tree size)

Classic Line range of the German brand Deuber & Partner. Classic line models are often suitable for leisure riders. Well made saddle, in used condition but sound and plenty of wear left.

Short round skirt makes it suitable for shorter backed horses. Suited to wider low withers, horses with some curve to there back.

Discipline  Leisure / Allround
Colour Dark
Saddle tree Wood rawhide tree
Width  03 FQHB
Seat size 16
Skirt length  24-1/2 inches approx
Tooling smooth
Trim 6 Leather conchos with latigo strings
Rigging C ring rigging 7/8
Stirrups Raw skin stirrup 2.5 “
Weight Approx. 13kg

Postage £35 extra UK mainland.

Q: Hello, realy like this saddle, I'm looking for a saddle for a cob X with a very short back, 14h!! We are both new to Western riding and this will be her first saddle!! She is not round and has a good shape, just very short!!! Do you think this would be suitable?
— Asked by Tina on 16th March 2017
A: Hi Tina, it's a very short skirt saddle so length wise it could well be ok length wise. But to know if it will suit her back shape and width I would need you to send me some photos of her without tack on and a wither trace. If you look on the "about fit page" it explains on there how to do a wither trace. Email me at cksaddles@gmail.com the photos and we can go from there. Claire
Q: I am interested in this saddle but would need to try it. What options do you offer to try saddles? Karen
— Asked by Karen shaw on 19th May 2017
A: Hi Karen. As stated I offer a 7-day trial period. If you have a read of the Terms page. You can purchase the saddle online and have it posted to you. If it doesn't fit just inform me within the 7-day trial period & post it back for a full refund minus postage costs. Only postage costs are non refundable.
Q: I live in USA, what is price of saddle with us currency? What would cost to ship to USA? Thanks, does it come with stirrups?
— Asked by michelle on 2nd July 2017
A: Hi, USD would be approx $1574 but exchange rate varies daily. Shipping to the US would be $150 with insurance
Q: Can I see picture of serial number please..
— Asked by Michelle on 2nd July 2017
A: Hi I have now emailed you directly with this. If you don't get it please email me at cksaddles@gmail.com

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