Links & Recommendations

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Here are some useful links and products I recommend to go with your western saddle.

Saddle fit:

Saddle pads: (Please note its often better to purchase a pad after you have your saddle so you know what length & thickness to buy)

Professional Choice are great pads, made in the USA. They offer good value for money along with a wide selection of colours.

Saddle Pads & Navajo Blankets

Cleaning Products:

I highly recommend Fiebings soap for cleaning your saddle, and there 4-1 product for use on the underside of your saddle to keep the leather soft & conditioned.

Fiebings Liquid Glycerin Saddle Soap

For use on the underside of your saddle:

Fiebings 4 Way Leather Care

Bargain pads which are of reasonable quality, great if your on a tight budget:

Professional's Choice SMx Comfort-Fit Saddle Pad

Work pad:

Cinches (Girths) I recommend using Felt/wool instead of Neoprene as Neoprene can cause sores & doesn’t disperse heat as well as wool or felt can. Click the Link below to view a selection of cinches.