Welcome to my website. I aim to provide a “no frills” service, meaning what you see is what you get! A good quality saddle at a great price with fast UK mainland delivery and a reasonable fair returns policy.

Should your purchase not be what you expected, or it doesn’t fit your horse, I will happily refund you. Just see my Terms page for full information.

Being a western rider myself I know what matters when buying a saddle. So if you need help with finding the right saddle for you & your horse please just message me & I will be very happy to help you.

I’m experienced with western saddle fit for a range of breeds, from TB’s and Shires to Quarter horses & of course Cob/Native types. So if you have any questions regarding fit I’m happy to share my experience with you.

I try to stock a good selection of saddles of all different types. I also take saddles on commission, so if you’re looking to sell your English or Western saddle just drop me a email with some photos.

I’m blessed to own 3 wonderful horses who are completely different from each other. I have my big highland cross shire who is the biggest softie on the planet, then I have my complex little Connemara chap who is now enjoying his retirement. And finally my American Paint mare who I’ve owned for almost a year now. All 3 have been ridden Western and as you can see there all very different in size & shape. So it doesn’t matter if you own a Cob, Shire, Native, or anything inbetween. You don’t have to own a Quarter Horse to enjoy Western riding. A lot of the shows in the UK welcome all breeds (see my blog posts about riding centres & show venues).

My main interest these days is going out trail riding (hacking) as much as possible, just enjoying the surrounding woodlands or box up & go for a ride in Thetford Forest which thankfully is only around half hours drive. I’m not very competitive although I love having lessons. Infact I’m the sort of rider that likes nothing more than having a lesson on my birthday. I always think that no matter how long you’ve been around horses there is always more to learn. I have had horses all my life, growing up surrounded by them as my mother ran a riding school it was a way of life for me from the day I started walking, I wanted to start riding. I haven’t always ridden Western, for much of my youth I did a bit of everything from One day events, dressage, Showjumping & showing. I also rode on the British Dressage teams with my first Connemara. I trained upto Advanced Medium dressage. It was in my 20’s I sadly had a bad fall off a friends horse and lost my confidence. It was then that I bought my big Highland chap who is as safe as houses and wanted to give Western a try.

He was not the easiest horse to find a Western saddle for, as he is as round as he is tall! with a short dippy back at the time. So that’s when I developed my love for Western. My love for tack started way back when I was a child. I would be the only child who actually wanted to clean there tack. Tack to me is art, craftsmanship. I can appreciate every small detail that goes into making a good quality saddle. I previously sold English tack before moving more into Western. The reason I wanted to develop a Western business in Western saddles is because of the amount of work that goes into making them along with the materials they can be greatly expensive compared to English Saddles. I wanted to offer people who perhaps are unable to afford a New Western saddle, a chance to own a good quality used saddle at a affordable price. I have always been a very hands on person, I love being outdoors with animals.

My Paint Mare

My Connemara

My Highland Cross

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